Will Yandex correctly index the page by subdomain with generated elements?

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    There is a website that works like this:
    When a client clicks on a direct link example: site.com , it determines the client's city by IP, gives information corresponding to the city from the back to the site.
    When a client clicks on a link with a subdomain of the city example: subdomian.site.com , I define the subdomain and display the information corresponding to the subdomain to the site.
    Or, if the client chose from the list, then I save it to localstorage and take the city from there.
    So, the problem is that the information arrives from the back only after 1 - 1.5 seconds, respectively, with your eyes you can see how the elements of the thought are empty for the first seconds. This raises questions:
    Will Yandex correctly understand the content of the page when indexing when there are such delays?
    How to reconcile loading DOM and information from the backend without delays and conflicts?
    JavaScript Anonymous, Feb 1, 2020

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    I can say that such a satst will be worse indexing. Javascript sites out of the box are less indexed, although Yandex and Google say they already support them with might and main. I can say that you need to generate a page on the server anyway, if you want to feel good in search
    Noah Davila

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