How to fix NODE_ICU_DATA?

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    Good day. We sent the project, after yarn install and yarn start I get the following response. I couldn't find a solution on the internet.
    $ NODE_ICU_DATA = "$ (pwd) / node_modules / full-icu" babel-node --extensions ".ts" tools / run start
    "NODE_ICU_DATA" is not internal or external
    command, executable program or batch file.
    error Command failed with exit code 1.
    info Visit for documentation about this command.

    "scripts": {
            "lint-js": "eslint --ext .ts --ext .tsx --ignore-path .gitignore --ignore-pattern \"!**/.*\" .",
            "lint-css": "stylelint \"src/**/*.{css,less,styl,scss,sass,sss}\"",
            "lint": "yarn run lint-js && yarn run lint-css",
            "fix-js": "yarn run lint-js --fix",
            "fix-css": "yarn run lint-css --fix",
            "fix": "yarn run fix-js && yarn run fix-css",
            "codegen": "babel-node --extensions \".ts\" tools/run codegen",
            "test": "tsc && jest",
            "test-watch": "yarn run test --watch --notify",
            "test-cover": "yarn run test --coverage",
            "coverage": "yarn run test-cover && opn coverage/lcov-report/index.html",
            "clean": "babel-node --extensions \".ts\" tools/run clean",
            "copy": "babel-node --extensions \".ts\" tools/run copy",
            "bundle": "babel-node --extensions \".ts\" tools/run bundle",
            "build": "babel-node --extensions \".ts\" tools/run build",
            "build-stats": "yarn run build --release --analyse",
            "deploy": "babel-node --extensions \".ts\" tools/run deploy",
            "render": "babel-node --extensions \".ts\" tools/run render",
            "serve": "babel-node --extensions \".ts\" tools/run runServer",
            "start": "NODE_ICU_DATA=\"$(pwd)/node_modules/full-icu\" babel-node --extensions \".ts\" tools/run start"
    React Archer Cross, Sep 22, 2019

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    It seems that you are trying to run a script on windows that is not suitable for this.

    NODE_ICU_DATA is an environment variable, try setting it via cross-env ( / package / cross-env ). But I'm not sure. that pwd will work even in this case.
    Iris Horton

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