What development approach should you take to create an online quiz (game)?

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    The task is to implement an online quiz, where users, when starting a certain game, connect either to the room where the player expects or creates his own and waits for the players.

    There can be 2 players in the room at the same time and the essence of the games is that they answer questions and, depending on the victories and answers, they are awarded points. It is necessary to track the time (for each question, for example, 30 seconds) and user clicks (for example, if user 1 answered, immediately go to the next question if user 2 answered, and not wait for 30 seconds) ...

    At the moment, I use sockets, which, depending on the actions, update data in the database (in the database I create rooms where the created rooms are stored for the duration of the game, so I can update the scores of users and track the scenario).

    Is this implementation suitable or is it worth digging into game engines for the web?
    React Delilah Lucas, Jan 30, 2019

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