What knowledge base do you need to have to switch to React?

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    I am interested in the question of what knowledge base should be in order to safely switch to React.
    I've mastered the layout and JavaScript basics (basics, prototypes, promises, some DOM work)
    I have long wanted to switch to the React framework, but I think that first you need to fully master JavaScript.
    Tell me, is this so?
    JavaScript Arianna Wu, Feb 13, 2020

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    Don't think of it as sarcasm or humor, I'm completely serious: preferably English - A2 or higher to read the documentation.

    And the rest would be a desire to understand and understand what is happening on your monitor.

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    Basically, you need to understand objects, arrays, their traversals, functions, DOM. Understand destructuring. But one should not think about switching to React, but simply switch. This is its own concept, not some new language
    Claire Ayers

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