How to substitute the slider value into the maximum value of another?

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    There are 2 nouislider .

    It is necessary in the maximum value of 2 sliders, substitute the current value of 1 slider.
    For example, if in the first slider we select 100,000, then the maximum value of the second will be 100,000.

    I understand how to get the value of 1 of the slider, but there is a problem with the scope of the variable, the slider simply does not see it.
    JavaScript Charlotte Pierce, Sep 1, 2020

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    I wrote it down, added it to Necessary add. set the parameters yourself

    stepsSlider.noUiSlider.on('', function() {
    vals = stepsSlider.noUiSlider.get();
    var processed = vals.replace(/ /g, '');
    res = parseFloat(processed, 10);
    // Как то так
    range: {
    'min': 0,
    'max': res

    The problem was not in scope. You just haven't looked at the example from the documentation . There is a button on the right Updating the slider with new options on button click click on it and you will see examples.

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