How can I create an HTML element using JS and insert a variable into it?

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    Hello, how to create another element with a variable value in an HTML element.
    I am doing with innerHTML but can't figure out how to insert the variable.

    элемент.innerHTML = '<div>Как воткнуть сюда переменную?</div>'

    Maybe you shouldn't use innerHTML, but something else?
    JavaScript Anonymous, May 30, 2019

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    var myVar = 'Моя переменная';
    var element = document.createElement('div');
    element.innerHTML = myVar;

    or you can modify your code like this

    var myVar = 'Моя переменная';
    элемент.innerHTML = '<div>' + myVar + '</div>';

    Just remember that the variable must be a string.
    Jace Castaneda

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    You just need to escape the variable:

    element.innerHTML = '& lt; div & gt;' + peremenaya + '& lt; / div & gt;';

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