Vuex, authorization. Why do getters return undefined?

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    I am trying to do authorization in Vue.js.
    There is a registration method. It works fine.
    registration ({commit}, data) {
        return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
            .post(localStorage.getItem('url') + 'user/add', data)
            .then(response => {
              const token =
              localStorage.setItem('token', token)
              axios.defaults.headers.common['Authorization'] = token
              commit('AUTH_SUCCESS', token)
            .catch(err => {
              commit('auth_error', err)

    The token is saved in localStorage, the AUTH_SUCCESS mutation is also performed, everything seems to be ok.
    AUTH_SUCCESS (state, token) {
        state.status = 'success'
        state.token = token

    But when I later try to check with getters, it gives undefined.
    const getters = {
      isLoggedIn: state => !!state.token,
      authStatus: state => state.status

    In the router, beforeEach console.log (store.getters.isLoggedIn) is already undefined.
    console.log (store.getters.authStatus) - also
    store is imported into the router. Please tell me where to look, what's wrong?

    I am not a front, so sorry if the question is stupid or crooked.
    JavaScript Graham McDaniel, Mar 9, 2019

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