How do I animate part of a photo?

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    I apologize, if I seem tongue-tied, I will try to briefly outline the idea.

    There is a photograph / image. I want to split it into several parts, each of which is animated. In theory, I can carefully cut out the desired part in Photoshop, the original photo against the background, and position the cut part exactly on top. And already to this image apply animations / transformations.
    But the question arises, how to get 100 percent and also tie 100 percent?
    Photo in jpeg format.
    Let it be for example a turntable and I would like the record to spin.

    P.S. To be honest, three years ago I already did it by some miracle. But I just can't find the files of that idea, and I can't remember.
    JavaScript Anonymous, Nov 1, 2019

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    You can dazzle on the canvas.

    Of this

    That's it


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    Insert the original image into the future scene, position the necessary elements on top of this image, remove the original image and work with parts .. It's simple

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