Is Laravel really that slow?

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    After a long break, I'm returning to duty. I'm looking at what they are writing now.
    Five years ago I would have chosen yii2 without options.
    Now I watch laravel the most popular.

    Delivered for the test yii2, laravel, yii3.
    Yii3 didn't start right away, so I excluded it for now.

    So that's what confused. On my computer, yii2 gives a simple page in 40-50ms and spends 3-5MB of memory (and if the cache is turned on in less than 30ms), and laravel is not less than 150ms and takes about 12MB of memory, well, at least 120ms after all optimizations (composer, caching, etc.).

    Simple page, no database connections.
    In the case of laravel, I even tried to give just a line of text, about the same results.

    This is normal? Are these the trends today?
    Laravel Anonymous, Mar 22, 2019

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    they are all the same + -

    sooner or later this shit is thrown out when 50 ms becomes critical.

    suddenly it turns out that things are different in production and keep the load.

    now you would choose laravel just because of the hype. It does not carry any technical advantages, just as the previous headliners of the puff community did not carry it before. yii was crap that the first version is that the second. and the ketae fled when he realized it was a dead end. got a profit and goodbye. any framework dies at the moment of losing backward compatibility.

    the answer is simple. smart people raise their salary ceiling with new acronyms. the most difficult thing is to come up with a sonorous new name for the old proven instruments.

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    Because Yii2 is empty. Put Lumen and compare.

    For example

    Blog with categories and authentication. Comments not implemented.

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    I think the problem is that your lara is in fashion and the templates are recompiled anew every time. Well, in general, the cache is not involved. try switching to prod mode.

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    Most likely, many things are used by default in laravel, and they will have to be cut off somehow. In yii, things can be reversed. In any case, these numbers are not critical, because they are launched on the virgin.

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