How do you extend a Laravel application?

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    I want to write my own service for working with Internet acquiring (payment).
    Please enlighten how this should be implemented, namely, writing services to work with the bank's API?

    I studied Laravel Cashier (code) and realized that I need the same, only for myself, but I didn't understand what it is :)

    In the following code, we connect files from the packages directory to work with a certain substance Billable .
    use Laravel\Paddle\Billable;
    class User extends Authenticatable
        use Billable;

    Billable allows you to get very useful methods for further work. And besides, this is much cleaner code, and more efficient, since one package directory contains all the necessary files to work in one direction.

    Studying Billable it will not be difficult to write your own, but is this how I should introduce development?

    Maybe you need to look towards writing your own packages?

    Please tell us how the applications are extended? I want to separate some parts, if that's correct, of course.

    Enlighten, please, I want to know and study competent and correct approaches to development. Thank you!
    Laravel Elijah Huerta, Mar 26, 2019

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    Look towards the omnipay library.

    There are already a bunch of banking providers and a relatively simple integration with laravel.

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