How to determine the city of the visitor?

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    DD, please tell me how to determine the city of the visitor who entered the page, found dadata's ip search, but I don't know how to find out the ip of the user who visited the page, help me!
    JavaScript Adam Collier, Dec 10, 2019

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    Your server knows this ip. Depending on which server you have, getting the user's ip may differ.

    In nodejs this would be request.connection.remoteAddress , eg.

    However, if you don't know how to ask your server ip, you can ask some other server about it.


    More servers:

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    What if the user uses a VPN?

    How do you like the percentage of false positives?

    It would be more correct to ask the user for geolocation explicitly. / Geol ...

    And using the data received from, for example, a Google API by location, pull the city, plus allow the user to select the city from here if he has defined it incorrectly

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