How to implement smooth page-by-page scrolling?

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    It is necessary to implement smooth page-by-page scrolling. The screens should not change instantly, the peculiarity is that there are sections that occupy 100vh in height, but there are sections in which a lot of content is embedded and inside these blocks must scroll. There is a similar example site , but I don't quite understand how everything works here - the scripts are minified and it's hard to understand how everything is works in this case. I wanted to take the fullPage.js library as a basis, but almost all the features in it are paid.
    JavaScript Anonymous, Apr 18, 2020

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    Well, there is no page scrolling on your link. I didn’t poke around in the source, but there is just animation of elements when entering the viewport.

    To animate elements as you scroll, you can use WOW or Sal, or even GSAP.

    For page-by-page scrolling, I would not recommend Fullpage. It is written in a very ancient way, the author does not respond to inquiries and criticism, and lives in yesterday. It took a lot of time to make his vintage layout with a relatively new site, and not all of its functionality was needed.

    Now I would write myself a simple browser of what is in the viewport with auto-scrolling to the window border, and that's all.

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