How to filter the array correctly?

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    Good afternoon,
    there is an array with nested objects (the data is taken from Excel and can be different every time) - information about employees, each employee has the name of his department in which he works, how to group employees by department correctly?
    {name: 'Alex', department: 'HR'},
    {name: 'Vasilij', department: 'IT'},
    {name: 'Nikolaj', department: 'HR'},
    {name: 'Oleg', department: 'IT'},

    As I understand it, first determine all the departments that are on the list, and how to work with this data correctly?
    Thank you
    JavaScript Anonymous, Jan 21, 2020

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    arr.reduce((acc, n) => ((acc[n.department] ||= []).push(n), acc), {})

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