Calling a function inside another function?

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    Greetings! I am working on the function of opening multiple popups on the page. I wrote a general opening function, then a function for editing a specific popup, in the body of which I placed a call to the function for opening popups. The console reports an error: Uncaught ReferenceError: popupOpen is not defined at HTMLButtonElement.PopupEditProfile.
    I don't quite understand how to define a function in an HTML element.
    /*Объявил переменные*/
    const popup = document.querySelector('.popup');
    const popupProfile = document.querySelector('.popup_profile');
    const popupEditButton = document.querySelector('.profile__edit-button');
    /*Написал функцию открытия*/
    const PopupOpen = function (popup) {
    /*Написал функцию редактирования, сначала вызывающую функцию открытия*/
    const PopupEditProfile = function () {
      NameInput.value = profileName.textContent;
      ProfessionInput.value = profileProfession.textContent;
    /*Повесил обработчик на кнопку, вызывающую функцию открытия*/
    popupEditButton.addEventListener('click', PopupEditProfile;
    JavaScript Juliet Franco, Apr 1, 2019

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    You have a function name with a capital letter, and you call it with a small letter. Bring the register to one form, and everything will work.
    Penelope Dorsey

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