I learn JavaScript, then Vue.js, average knowledge of PHP. How to make a CRUD system?

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    Hello everyone.
    He began to actively study JavaScript, and then Vue.js. In principle, I am familiar with JS, since I develop fronts, simple sites (I have already done a lot), jQuery plugins, Bootstrap, I know everything quite well, but there are gaps. That's why I'm learning JS from scratch again.

    I know PHP at the junior level, I can develop a simple system on (from Google) on Laravel (2 working projects are spinning on it). Systems such as "progress report, title, category, date-time selector, where, details, attach file, save". Export all data to xls file. Everything is stored in sql.

    Now my task is to develop a similar system, it will be a list of tasks in the form of a table. For each task, you can change the status "Pending", "In Progress", "Awaiting confirmation", "Completed".
    Well, different search filters.

    My hands are itching to do it all in Vue.js.

    Please advise, in which bundle to do this?
    Vue.js + Node.js means completely JavaScript.
    Vue.js + Laravel means PHP, which is scolded and like it dies, and JS is the future. And Bootsrap 5 is ditching jQuery altogether and switching to vanilla JS.

    Help with future-oriented choices.

    I would be grateful for any reasoned answer.

    And, yes, please do not breed the holivar better or worse. All systems work well, everyone is comfortable, all tasks on each system can be solved. Just asking for advice.

    Thank you!
    JavaScript Anna Burke, Jan 31, 2019

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    And, yes, please do not breed better or worse holivar. All systems work well, everyone is comfortable, all tasks on each system can be solved. Just asking for advice.


    With such logical thinking, you should not go to the programmer.

    Just don’t. Find yourself another occupation. It's fashionable now to be a hairdresser for example.

    PHP "dies" precisely because the language is so simple that even a monkey can make a "simple system for (mana from Google)". And 99% of the code is written by monkeys. And people judge the language not by its capabilities, but by the code written by hamadryas and by those macaques that “scold and shout that they are dying.”

    Why become another monkey? If you think you can program better in another language, it’s like thinking you’ll stop punching yourself with another hammer. It's not about the hammer, man.
    Keira Mata

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    Many times I see such questions and I am all surprised by them. It's simple.

    1. If the project is for a customer, do what you know best.

    2. If the project is for study - on what you want to study.

    That's all the options.

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    Have fun doing what you enjoy doing now. The future is only for people who like their work, if you choose what, according to someone's forecasts, will be more popular in the future, you will worry all your life, it will always seem to you that the queue moves faster at the next checkout. Don't get involved in these races, just do what you like, there will be work for everyone.

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