Is it possible with JS to write a function for automatic requests via Google and display them in a list?

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    Good day!

    The bottom line: there is a YT playlist, it has deleted videos, I'm tired of looking for them by highlighting the video ID and searching for them in Google.

    I want to understand if it is possible to create something like this in JS:
    -save playlist as a list of page addresses;
    -extract from these lines only the video ID
    -forming this ID as a list
    - throwing each ID from the list into a search engine and returning the first three results from google.

    In which direction to move? What APIs, Frameworks do you need to study?

    Thank you in advance, do not offend much, I just started.
    JavaScript Keira Benitez, Aug 25, 2020

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    In browsers there is a limitation, it seems called CORS. You can send requests from the site / html-page to some site, if only that site has allowed these requests to be sent there. You can parse without frameworks and APIs, but YouTube has its own API, with which you can probably get a playlist list. For parsing, it is better to use python and a bunch of requests + BS
    Ryder Vance

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    Yes, of course you can, it's easier on naked zhs

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