How to add a div element with id attribute "model" to another div with class = "products__item-in" using js?

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    Hello. I have a & lt; div id = "model_sku" & gt; 452843 & lt; / div & gt; tag, it needs to be added inside this tag:
    & lt; div class = "products__item-in" & gt; & lt; / div & gt; using javascript. Can you do this with queryEllement?

    I'll be very thankful.
    JavaScript Cora Taylor, Oct 8, 2020

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    And this can be done using queryEllement

    Yes. queryEllement to select .products__item-in . And API / Elem ... to insert content. Alternatively, if the target tag is not empty: / Elem ...
    Aiden Maldonado

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    $('#model_sku').append('<div class="products__item-in"></div>');


    $('#model_sku').prepend('<div class="products__item-in"></div>');

    or (no jQuery)

    var div= document.createElement('div');
    div.className= "products__item-in";

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