How do I add a value to the end of the address bar using js?

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    Hello, I have a tag with a link & lt; a & gt; I need to make it so that when the user clicks on this link, the page is refreshed and & amp; sort = p.price & amp is added to the end of the address bar ; order = ASC . For example:

    The person who came to my site, went to the products page, now, when he has not yet clicked this link, the link looks like this:

    And when he clicks on the link which in the & lt; a & gt; tag, & amp; sort = rating & amp; order = DESC is added to the end of the address bar. As a result, when the page is refreshed already with the value & amp; sort = rating & amp; order = DESC at the end of the line, in the end the link should look like this:

    Not like this:

    And like this:

    Maybe this can be done somehow using onclick? Here is the html code itself:
    <div class="sorted_item"><a class="sorted__link" href="Сюда незнаю что вставить" "А здесь может быть onclick?">Новизне</a></div>

    I will also say that the link itself can be different, it can be this is the main thing to add & amp; sort = rating & amp; order = DESC to the end.

    I'll be very thankful.
    JavaScript Everly Holden, May 30, 2019

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    If with an ax, then:

    <a href="#" onclick=" += '&sort=rating&order=DESC'; return false;">Текст ссылки</a>

    Of course, we need to refine the processing of conditions and the generation of the required string with get parameters.

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    Link A can be made a button or you can add a Submit method. Put everything in the form with the GET method and make the sort and order as hidden input fields.

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