How to display Russian characters obtained from ajax?

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    Need help, gentlemen.
    I make this request.

    main contains this
    'text': {val1: '1', val2: '2'},
    'text2': {val1: '1', val2: '2'},

    I put it all into the database.

    But how to display it correctly so that the Cyrillic alphabet is not encoded using php?
    AJAX Anonymous, Jan 27, 2019

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    json_encode($arrayDataForDb, JSON_UNESCAPED_UNICODE);

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    We need to learn how to use the database.

    And to store data in it, not piled up in a heap, but in a structured form.

    Therefore, you redo your database, add new tables and columns, decode your sprawling Jason and write each value into its own cell

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