How to create your own tag for your site?

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    When parsing a description from another site, sometimes such blocks come across in the text.

    Naturally, on the site from where I parsed the data, these blocks are decorated, and my site simply does not understand what it is, so it displays like this.

    How do I make my site hide the & lt; attention & gt; labels and style everything that is enclosed in such opening and closing tags as I need?

    I want my styles to have a class .attentionbb or #attentionbb , and that's where the style for the & lt; attention & gt; style is taken from.
    JavaScript Adam Munoz, Apr 22, 2020

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    The tag is just xml markup.

    You need to create a handler for it at all stages of page loading.

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    It's either:

    1. Web Component .

    2. Component based on JS framework.

    3. It's just that someone indulges in and writes styles directly to such tags (you can do it yourself, you did it yourself, but it's not valid).

    If you parse the barefoot, then you can simply add styles to what arrives, directly to the tag. Or you can write a web component \ component that can be picked up when displaying this content.

    Well, or it's banal to run the content through the regulars so that the resulting parameters are displayed as you need.

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