How do I refer to the parent when hovering a child block?

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    There is a dropdown-child menu that appears when you click on the dropdown: hover button. The problem is in the mobile version: when you click on a link that sends to the anchor on the same page, the dropdown-child disappears only when you click on another area, but it needs to disappear itself. How to do it?
    <div class="dropdown">
          <button class="mainmenubtn"><img id="menu" src="imag/menu.png" alt="Beam Craft"></button>
          <div class="dropdown-child" align="center">
              <a href="blog/index.html">Блог</a>
              <a href="#about">О нас</a>
              <a href="#footer">Контакты</a>
    JavaScript Andrew Hood, Feb 26, 2019

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