Unreal Engine or Unity for 10,000 Online?

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    The essence of the question is which game engine to choose for an MMO project where the fixed amount of online is 10,000.
    During my work, I have never come across such a question and if I ask my colleagues, it will be very suspicious.
    So what to choose and where will there be fewer pitfalls and the best solution for implementation?
    Unity Game Engine Benjamin Stanton, Sep 28, 2020

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    10k will not be pulled by any engine, moreover, not a single client hardware will pull so many people online, so the backend divides the world into regions and prevents everyone from meeting in one place.

    True, there are times when hundreds (TOTAL!) Of active players are gathered in one place in the world, and then everyone starts having problems.

    Eve online have written down their own engine and only they seem to have no special restrictions on this (except for the notorious time dilation).

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    It all depends on the resources and quality of server writing. What ue, what unit will support such quantity

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