How to display data for the last week from the API?

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    Application for the exchange rate.
    This value comes from the server in one day. {"Cur_ID": 1, "Date": "2020-08-18T00: 00: 00", "Cur_OfficialRate": 2.9143}.
    Cur_ID is the name of the currency, Cur_OfficialRate is the rate itself that should be displayed.
    By default, you need to display the course data for the last week, while there should also be a date selection field where you can specify the period for which you want to see the course.
    How is this implemented?
    JavaScript Anonymous, Nov 2, 2020

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    Your competitor is already working here :)


    On the question: read the API doc and new Date () for help

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    According to the API documentation.

    In such APIs, a filter by date simply must be. How it is implemented depends on the specific implementation of the API.

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