How to loop a segment of a video?

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    I want to loop a video on a third party site.
    but I don't know where the video file is or how it is managed.
    there is only video-elemet. and a bunch of divs in it
    So I decided to just simulate the timeline click with an interval
    jQuery(Document.getElementsByClassName('mhp1138_progressPadding').elementFromPoint(x, y)).click();
    function tick() {
    simulateClick(100, 30);
    setInterval(tick, 100);
    JavaScript Anonymous, Jul 25, 2019

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    1. (Can be skipped) Select the element with the mouse in the developer tools in the tree It is now available in the console via the $ 0 alias

    2. Store the link to the video element into a variable. (via $ 0 or search for an element)

    3. Write a setInterval function that specifies v.currentTime =% the second of the video you want%

    4. In the interval, specify the period that interests you.

    5. Profit.

    const v = $0 // или вместо $0 document.querySelector... - получить элемент video
    let startTime = 15 // 15ая секунда видео - секунда, с которой будет начинаться цикл
    let duration = 1000 // 1000 миллисекунд = 1 секунда - продолжительность цикла

    const repeat = setInterval(function () {
    v.currentTime = startTime
    }, duration)
    Josephine Hernandez

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