Is there a framework that will make it easier to build interfaces?

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    Suppose there is a task to get data from a json file and, based on this data, insert blocks of the same type with different characteristics somewhere in the document.

    I would write a function within which I would collect each of the blocks, creating the nodes necessary for the block using document.createElement, changing the set of properties of each node of the block and connecting them using appendChild. But it looks rather cumbersome and not very clear. Plus, the logic isn't very separate from the look, which isn't very good either.

    Maybe there are some frameworks that reduce such code or otherwise approach the solution of such problems?
    JavaScript Anonymous, May 1, 2019

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    If vue is overkill for you then take a look at the template from lodash /4.17.15#template

    nothing superfluous, just the simplest templating.

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