What is the best naming for files?

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    For example:

    Can it work with scripts too?

    app.component.js or app.c.js ?
    JavaScript Anonymous, Aug 11, 2019

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    Do you have paid letters or what? )) Call it humanly, do not invent it.


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    It depends on what you are doing.

    If this is a project that you are going to do for a long time (for example, to upgrade under an additional contract), then you need to call it full names so that it is clear what is there. Likewise, if you want to leave a good memory of yourself.

    But if you want no one but you to figure it out, then you need to give strange names. And do not leave any comments - neither inside these files, nor in separate files on the same site, nor in separate documentation. And in your notebook - have a table where it will be written which file is needed for what. Then anyone who will be taken to replace you will ask for a lot of money to figure it out. Well, and accordingly, the employer is highly likely to contact you.
    Jack McIntosh

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