What is the right scrollbar plugin?

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    Please recommend a plugin for a custom scrollbar. But you need one that does not add internal markup to the targeted block - maximum div for the scroll itself.
    That is, most plugins work according to the following logic:
    1) they remove the necessary block overflow: scroll
    2) another block is added inside this block, inside of which the content is shifted, for example, through transform, and blocks for vertical and side scrolling.

    But the fact is that the scrolling of the targeted block of the component I use, which I cannot edit, has a certain functionality that needs to be left.

    And that's why I need the scrolling to go exactly to the targeted block, and not to the one rendered inside it by some plugin.
    MB are there those that work with the native block scroll, just hide it and add their own?
    JavaScript Jace Cardenas, Oct 21, 2020

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    Everett Higgins

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