How can I find the minimum number and output it inside an html tag in JS?

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    How to find the meanings of all .price and output the number to .min-sum using Javascript?
    <div class="parent">
    <span>Минимальная стоимость: <b class="min-sum"></b></span>
    <div сдфыы="product">
    <h2>Товар 1</h2>
     <b class="price">100 ₽</b>
    <div class="product">
    <h2>Товар 2</h2>
     <b class="price">200 ₽</b>
    <div class="product">
    <h2>Товар 3</h2>
     <b class="price">3000 ₽</b>

    Here's what I tried, then, in fact, you need to remove the ruble symbol, and somehow compare prices, but I don't know how to do it.

    function priceObjects(index) {
      const calc = document.querySelectorAll('.price');
       for priceObject of priceObjects {
    		let priceText = priceObject.textContent;
    JavaScript Anonymous, Feb 17, 2020

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    document.querySelector('.min-sum').innerText = Math.min(...Array
    .map(n => parseFloat(n.innerText))

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