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    How to display previews in wallpaperservice with Android Camera2 API?
    Tell me how to display a new camera 2 api in wallpaperservice You need to make transparent live wallpapers. For & lt; 6, I did everything on the previous version of the API, and in 6, its support was removed. In the example, Google displays everything in a textureview in a fragment, but as I ...
    Android Eli O'Neal, Jan 30, 2020

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    How do I resize a Java image?
    Hello, there is a small code that squeezes images to a fixed size, I wanted to redo it using inSampleSize, but it did not work. Where did I go wrong? Bitmap bitmap = ((BitmapDrawable) evImage.getDrawable()).getBitmap();BitmapFactory.Options options = new BitmapFactory.Options(); ...
    Android Anonymous, Dec 10, 2020

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    How to merge cells in GrodView?
    I need to fill an empty space in the program, I would like to increase the width of those buttons that do not fill the entire line, how could this be done?
    Android Anonymous, Nov 30, 2020

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    How do I completely clear ActionBar / Toolbar menu items and avoid memory leaks?
    I have an Activity with a fragment container. Depending on which fragment is currently in the container, I need to dynamically change the ActionBar's menu and pass the events of this menu to the current fragment. To do this, I call invalidateOptionsMenu () to get the call onCreateOptionsMenu ...
    Android Anonymous, Mar 18, 2020

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    How to install android sdk in crimea?
    When installing the android sdk, the basic repositories are not downloaded, can I manually install it? or is there another way out?
    Android Anonymous, Nov 24, 2019

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    When launching a project in Android Studio (Shift + F10) does not initialize the AVD. Writes that "nothing to show". Although the virtual device itself is running. Why?
    When launching a project in Android Studio (Shift + F10) does not initialize AVD. Writes that "nothing to show". Although the virtual device itself is running. Help. I'm new to android studio. I really need help. I dug up the entire Internet, but I could not find the answers.
    Android Anonymous, Mar 29, 2020

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    After every turn, the application starts to slow down more and more, what should I do?
    Good! In general, I noticed that the application becomes slower after each screen rotation. Somewhere after 10, you can already notice, after 30 it is very noticeable. The memory slowly eats away, which is interesting, if you call GC, it collects somewhere around 90%, and if you turn it over ...
    Android Anonymous, Apr 12, 2020

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    How to change imei via terminal?
    There is a phone on lolipop 5.1 Meizu M3s mini. You need to change IMEI through the terminal. Tried echo 'AT + EGMR = 1.7,123456789123450' & gt; / dev / pttycmd1 with both smd11 and smd0, and instead of commas put * or?, but all attempts are in vain. Through the engineering menu, it changes ...
    Android Abigail Howe, Mar 16, 2019

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    How to remove virtual buttons on android?
    Model: Asus zc520tl (ZenPhone 3) essence of the problem: he does not have hardware buttons (home, back) he does not. There are virtual ones that are automatically hidden when you launch applications (games, videos, books). After a while, they stopped disappearing. In some applications they ...
    Android Micah Higgins, Mar 21, 2019

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    Why does the android SDK not see other versions of Android except 7?
    I installed android studio with sdk after installation, only version 7 of Nougat was available to me How to make older versions visible?
    Android Lilah Roth, Nov 11, 2020

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    Server development literature for Java applications?
    Hello! Is there any modern literature on server design and development in Java? Server for Android application.
    Android Elisabeth Hernandez, Aug 2, 2019

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    React Native multipart / form-data + camera, how?
    Hello, the essence is this, you need to send the taken photo with the content-type multipart / form-data to the server, I figured out how to send the photo, but how to take a photo or take it from the gallery and get the image file is not yet clear. I would be grateful if you can tell me how to ...
    Android Jude O'Connell, Sep 22, 2020

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    How to connect a native .so library in Android studio?
    Good afternoon, I'm writing here because I've already rummaged through a bunch of literature on connecting native libraries in the form of .so files and I just can't figure out what needs to be done to link to the project. Initial conditions: there is some project in the form of four ...
    Android Adalaide Gallegos, May 8, 2020

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    Mobile app builder as a bot for Telegram?
    Salute, colleagues! A question for Saturday night, maybe even a theoretical one. It's a pleasure to saw a bot for Telegram! The client added the bot to contacts, logged in and pokes buttons. All the bot's functionality lies entirely on the server (webhook + api), and any change in logic ...
    Android Chloe Yang, May 1, 2019

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    How to lock your phone to a specific network operator?
    This is an application for Android, specifically about locking your phone to a specific network operator. Application for two phones SIM - cards. The application is excellent, and it works as if you do not have both SIM cards from a certain operator, the application will ask for a PIN code, the ...
    Android Anonymous, Apr 24, 2019

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    How to copy a PayWave / PayPass card to a sticker?
    There is a smartphone without NFC support. I want to stick an NFC sticker under its plastic cover. Have a friend's smartphone with NFC support. It can be used to copy data from a card onto a sticker. It is possible to choose VISA PayWave or MasterCard PayPass if it matters. There is an NFC ...
    Android Chloe Manning, Sep 29, 2019

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    How to add elements dynamically to Relative Layout?
    Hello everyone, I understand a little bit about android development. I set a small task for myself, make an audio player, here's the actual question of how to dynamically (programmatically) add elements to the relative layout to get something like this: That is, you need to programmatically ...
    Android Anonymous, Aug 29, 2019

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    How do I display the current pair in android?
    Hello. The task is to display in the application which pair is currently in progress. For example - time 9:00 & gt; the application shows that the first pair has started time 10:30 & gt; the application shows that the first pair has ended etc. I also want to count down to the end of ...
    Android Anonymous, Feb 12, 2020

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    Is it possible to install Google Chrome extensions on an android device?
    All the best! Is this real, or can there be any alternative options?
    Android Anonymous, Aug 3, 2020

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    How to stretch the image to the entire layout?
    In general, I want the text to be in the picture, everything is ok, only, there are white gaps above and below, if you insert 1 picture without a layout, then everything is ok. What if there is a layout? <RelativeLayout xmlns:android="" ...
    Android August Fitzgerald, Oct 10, 2019