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    How to get rid of form freezing when doing work in a thread via Synchronize?
    Good day. The situation is as follows. I create a TThread, in it I run a function through Synchronize, in which a jpeg picture is loaded, translated into bmp, operations with the canvas, compression, cropping, etc. are carried out, then it is translated back into jpeg and saved. So in 1 thread, ...
    C++ Emily Cochran, Nov 7, 2020

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    How to write this macro correctly in C ++ / Qt?
    In general, there is such a primitive ceiling construction. #ifdef QT_DEBUG #define __DEBUG (A, B) qDebug () & lt; & lt; PLACE (A) & lt; & lt; B; #else #define __DEBUG (A, B) #endif Its essence is that if you compile the project in debug mode, then the macro is triggered and the ...
    C++ Declan Freeman, Feb 1, 2019

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    What is the best way to organize scanning?
    Good day! In the process of work I ran into a problem. They have been using one software at work for more than ten years. It was developed by our own employees, but everyone who had anything to do with the project left for a long time, and only the source code remained from the project. Initially, ...
    C++ Anonymous, Feb 10, 2019

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    Passing an object to a constructor by reference. Doesn't compile. Why?
    Error 1 error C2758: "Person :: _ address": initialization of reference type member c: \ users \ dmb \ documents \ visual studio 2013 \ projects \ pointers \ pointers \ person.cpp 4 1 Pointers < br />2 IntelliSense: "Person :: Person (std :: string name, Address & amp; address)" does not provide ...
    C++ Hunter McKee, Sep 17, 2019

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    How to recognize words / phrases (recorded earlier)?
    Good day. There was such an idea. The user writes down some word or phrase. It is necessary to determine when he will pronounce him / her later. I read about the Fourier transform, basically figured it out, drew the pronunciation into the microphone on the canvas in realtime. Where should I dig ...
    C++ Eloise Cook, Apr 10, 2020

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    Why swears at a friendly function?
    #ifndef TWO_H#define TWO_H#include &lt;string&gt;#include &lt;vector&gt;#include &lt;algorithm&gt;using namespace std;class two{private: string a; string b; int c; vector&lt;two*&gt; vect; public: two(); two(string a,string b,int c); void setA(string ...
    C++ Hadley Casey, Jan 9, 2020

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    How do I properly handle images in a third party thread?
    Good day, kittens! I am writing software that processes images in a third-party stream. yes yes, I know, you can&#39;t do this, but you need to do it that way. Surely someone knows how to do this in a thread-safe way. Now everything works, but after several iterations it freezes and does not work ...
    C++ Anonymous, May 8, 2019

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    What are these predicates for?
    The class itself: class Sobaka {private: string klichka; string poroda; float vozrast; public: Sobaka () { klichka = ""; poroda = ""; vozrast = 0.0; } ... Predicates: class Pred_klichka {private: string klichka; public: ...
    C++ Collin Hodges, Jan 6, 2020

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    Is there any classic literature about working with memory, using the example of C or C ++?
    Is there any classic literature about working with memory, using the example of C or C ++? That is, how data is stored, how various pointers, links, and so on work.
    C++ Lorelei Huerta, Sep 16, 2020

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    What's wrong with the code?
    Hello, the code from the book (Jess Liberty. "Learn C ++ on Your Own in 21 Days") doesn&#39;t work. #include &lt;iostream&gt;using namespace std;int main(){ class car { public : void Start (); void Accelerate(); void Brake(); void setYear(int year); int getYear(); ...
    C++ Matthew Roberts, Feb 8, 2020

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    C ++. Get HTTP headers of loaded page in Webbrowser component?
    It is required to get the HTTP headers of the loaded page in the Webbrowser component. For example, we get html code like this: System::String^ outputSource = webBrowser-&gt;DocumentText; How to get http Headers || PostData ???
    C++ Anonymous, Mar 25, 2020

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    How to hide the constructor of a templated class depending on the type in C ++?
    I would like to prohibit the creation of an object of the "array" class for non-POD types. So far I&#39;m using static_assert(std::is_pod&lt;T&gt;::value, "type is not POD");
    C++ Xander Gonzalez, Sep 8, 2019

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    Is it possible to replace if in this case?
    z = myFunc(x , y); if (z &lt; 0 ){ cout &lt;&lt; "Error" &lt;&lt; endl; } else { cout &lt;&lt; z &lt;&lt; endl;} Is it possible to replace if with a (? :) construct? I just started learning C ++, I would like to clarify this point.
    C++ Anonymous, Jan 9, 2019

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    How do you add a "prefix" to the argv [1] argument in C?
    How do I add a "prefix" to the argv [1] argument in C? A string comes to the program as the second argument, we set "name". How to add "my" to it? I implemented an algorithm to shift the array to the right, shift the array and first add a prefix, but I need to know the length of the received ...
    C++ Anonymous, Nov 23, 2019

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    Changes function arguments! What is it like?
    Here&#39;s an example from the book: #include &lt;stdio.h&gt;#define MAXL 1000int getline(char s[], int lim){ int c, i; i=0; while(--lim&gt;0 &amp;&amp; (c=getchar()) != EOF &amp;&amp; c != '\n') s[i++]=c; if(c == '\n') s[i++]=c; s[i]='\0'; return i;}int strindex(char s[], char ...
    C++ Adelaide Price, May 1, 2020

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    Why isn't the C ++ code working?
    Hello everyone. Guys, please tell me why the code does not work. The task is to make a program that will invert the text, i.e. load source from 1 file and save inverted to file 2. I wrote this code, but it doesn&#39;t work. #include &lt;iostream&gt;#include &lt;fstream&gt;using namespace std; ...
    C++ Anonymous, Sep 6, 2019

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    Error 1935 Can't install Microsoft C ++ 2008 and eToken Network Logon?
    Hello! Operating system Windows 7 (x64). I am trying to install Microsoft C ++ 2008 (vcredit_x64.msi). I get the error: 2010, 2012 C ++ are installed without problems. The problem is actually not in C ++ 2008, but in the eToken Network Logon program, which, when installed, gives the same error ...
    C++ Anonymous, Nov 26, 2020

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    Where to get audio compression in C ++?
    I am looking for a C ++ library for Dynamic audio compression . Interested in a ready-made professional implementation. It is not so easy to search in Google.
    C++ Anonymous, Nov 10, 2019

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    How to use vkscript / stored procedures in standalone vk application?
    Hello, I am using rad studio c ++ builder and its RESTReqest / RESTResponse to send and receive lists of video posts from groups. The essence of the component is in sending a post to api.vk.com/method ... The link automatically includes the necessary parameters like accsess_token, etc. The fact is ...
    C++ Ivy Farmer, Mar 22, 2020

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    How to play C ++ video under Win32?
    How to make a simple video player: to play video in the window. At the entrance, let&#39;s say, take avi without compression. It is possible on DirectX \ OpenGL \ SFML.
    C++ Joseph Leblanc, Nov 2, 2019