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    How to replace "+" with "space" in the page url (via htaccess)?
    Please help !! Internal links on the site are written with a "+" symbol. And in fact there are spaces in the folder names. How to replace "+" with "% 20"? Let me explain)) Now the pages open normally like this - title / (well, or And in ...
    htaccess Anonymous, Mar 9, 2020

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    Redirect from subdomain to domain with preserving URL. 500 Internal Server Error?
    The task was to create several regional subdomains for the site, so that they all use the files of the main domain and dynamically change the title, description and other different things. All this was done and even worked, but the next day it doesn't work anymore. DNS records are correct, at ...
    htaccess Anonymous, Mar 15, 2019

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    How to change url from subcategory to category?
    It is necessary to change the links of the category site from category / category / vidy-sporta / box / to category / vidy-sporta / box / Tried RewriteEngine onRewriteBase /RewriteRule ^category/category/(.*)$ /category/$1 [R=301,L] Does not help
    htaccess Lily Webster, Jan 22, 2019

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    Htaccess rule how to remove characters in subdomain?
    In general, the task is ... changed the engine, and now the old links stopped working used to be: where the hyphen is stable everywhere and b is the directory id variable was, 12345 is the product ID, now the site has been put in order, and now it is ...
    htaccess Anonymous, Jul 24, 2020

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    Why do non-existent pages give 200 responses?
    The site has pages like but no page like and in theory a 404 page should open at this URL, but instead the server gives a 200 response and opens (only the site is static and all ...
    htaccess Fiona Lawrence, Mar 23, 2019

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    How to make a redirect correctly in this case?
    Now when you move on you get to but it is necessary that from two such ...
    htaccess Rhys Jackson, Sep 23, 2020

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    How to redirect from mirrors to home page?
    Hello, I was faced with the task of making a redirect from https: // my site /? P = 31 | /? p = 33 | /? p = 27 | /? p = 25 | /? p = 338 /? p = 77 /? p = 19 /? p = 23 to the main page, the pages are all the same, except for the numbers at the end, there is an option to do this: Redirect 301 / ...
    htaccess Anonymous, Jun 7, 2020

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    How to make a 301 redirect from a dynamic page with a parameter to it but without a parameter?
    Tell me correctly 301 redirects from pages of this kind. / component / virtuemart / dinamicheskaya-chast? tmpl = component on it but without the tmpl parameter, the rest of the parameters must be left if they are.
    htaccess Anonymous, Aug 20, 2020

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    Site made by INTRO. How can I redirect my site to! / Intro / 1 using .htaccess?
    Site made by INTRO. How to redirect a site to the directory! / Intro / 1 using .htaccess (while returning to the site to the root of index.php at the end of the intro is automatic) Thank you!
    htaccess Anonymous, Apr 15, 2020

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    How to set .htaccess values ​​for specific pages?
    I need to remove the slash at the end for the product catalog in the url. And for a product link, you need to add a slash on the contrary. How can I do it? If there is one common .htaccess. If that cms cs cart. Thank you in advance.
    htaccess Collin Stevens, Feb 13, 2020

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    How to redirect from subdirectory to directory via htaccess?
    There is a page " ", but I noticed that all pages named" my "and in general" http: // ... "displays the same page. The question is simple - how to write a redirect from any ...
    htaccess Anonymous, Apr 3, 2020

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    How to run a laravel project without php artisan serve, without changing the project structure (folder nesting), without renaming server.php to index.php?
    Help to run a laravel project on hosting, but there is no way to specify the folder with index.php Options: 1.rename server.php to index.php in laravel root directory. Just copy the .htaccess file from the public folder to your project root directory and update it like below: Options ...
    htaccess Ella Edwards, Oct 10, 2020

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    How to disable all formats (php, html, etc.) for the entire site except for a specific directory?
    Hello everyone! There is a main site. Works on the routing system. On the main site, the directory contains other sites (sites / * site_name * / files /). Also, each site has a textolite admin panel. I want to separate these sites from the main site so that it is impossible to do anything with the ...
    htaccess Gabriella Francis, Nov 29, 2020

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    How can url be rewritten via htaccess?
    Hello, is it possible to rewrite the url from to while staying on the same page through the htaccess file
    htaccess Olivia Martin, May 31, 2020

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    What's wrong with the rewrite rule?
    You need this url redirect to this year and number, of course, can be anything. I write the rules: RewriteEngine onRewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} mode=archive RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ...
    htaccess Anonymous, Sep 3, 2020

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    What code 400 is better for Yandex bots?
    In general, I tell you how it is: there is an expensive functionality with a bunch of settings, which I ordered on the side. So I apologize for missing him. Part of this is when it is intended to block a 403 error Yandex Bots, which are part of the DDOS. In principle, they do this, but there is a ...
    htaccess Anonymous, Jan 27, 2020

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    How do I make a mock CDN htaccess?
    Is it possible with htaccess to rewrite the file path like this: The path that we assign to the file is cdn.compa.ny / image / bg.jpg The real path to the file is /assets/images/bg.jpg Provided that the link to the CDN must not exist. Something like this: RewriteEngine OnRewriteBase / ...
    htaccess Everett Gallagher, Dec 7, 2019

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    How to make a redirect correctly?
    Good afternoon, tell me how to properly redirect the section and all nested subsections and elements with https : // to
    htaccess Elisabeth Andrews, Jul 24, 2019

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    How to set redirects in .htaccess from all possible addresses to the final address?
    It is necessary to set 301 redirects in .htaccess. The bottom line is that in all these cases there should be at most one redirect to the final address, and not several consecutive ones. The final redirect address must be Addresses entered by the user from which the 301 ...
    htaccess Genevieve Clark, Mar 21, 2019

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    Wordpress url without 404 page how do they do it?
    Usually, when opening a non-existent page, the inscription "404" appears, the page was not found or does not exist. How to write in htaccess so that it opens the contents of that directory? In fact, there is no such folder, through virtualization I want to display another html page there.
    htaccess Lily Mendoza, Feb 26, 2020