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    How do I implement beveled boxes using css?
    came up with an idea and in search of an implementation of this, came across the meaning is the same 5 div inside div only I want to place them at 45 degrees and when hovering they should move 80% leaving only the title of each block. implemented here with CSS but how to ...
    HTML Eloise Petty, May 28, 2019

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    How to make such a button?
    For example, a button with a shadow, it is too complex to make it pixel by pixel, but if you take it as a picture, how to make a shadow? And if you take a picture with a shadow, then the block will be too large, but you need a block in size with a button to click on it. I can't think of ...
    HTML Gavin Brady, Jan 24, 2019

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    How to display text over a picture?
    How to implement correctly so that the text is displayed correctly? html <header> <div class="asd"> logo </div> <div class="promo"> <div class="promo-img"><img src="" alt="" ...
    HTML Anonymous, Apr 26, 2020

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    Is there a complete HTML / DOM parser library for Delphi, with XPath / CSSSelector support?
    Is there a complete HTML / DOM parser library for Delphi: with XPath / CSSSelector support with selection of attributes / parameters Those that I found are either incomplete, or buggy and even Chinese, or carry a DLL with the program (although it is certainly better than nothing): ...
    HTML Anonymous, Jun 6, 2020

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    How do I wrap the content of an incoming email when replying to it?
    need to reply to messages using node js, keep the history of the correspondence in the reply, what's the best way to wrap the history?
    HTML Anonymous, May 15, 2019

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    How to use Jquery to remove values ​​from certain input and select input fields?
    For example, on my site there are several input fields with id - polka and select list with id - spisok When you go to the page, you need to clear all the value values ​​after the page is loaded. Is that possible on JQ?
    HTML Eden Hardin, Nov 15, 2019

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    How to lay out the elements so that they fill the parent block from the end?
    Friends, please tell me how to lay out such a block, the parent has a fixed HEIGHT, but the width can stretch depending on the content. Content is pictures or blocks, should line up on the right edge, from top to bottom, when the row is filled, the second column begins to line up, and so on. I ...
    HTML Collin Hull, May 2, 2020

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    How to change the text when clicking on a link?
    Hello, there is a site with links to branches. How to make sure that when you click, depending on the link, the block with the text changes (the address of the branch is indicated there)?
    HTML Anonymous, May 12, 2020

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    Why does button text in gmail on android (tablet) wrap to another line?
    Why does button text in gmail on android (tablet) wrap to another line? This problem was detected exactly on the tablet, on the phone in gmail (android) everything is displayed normally. If we add white-space for the button: nowrap; - the button is cut off Button code: <div><!--[if ...
    HTML Anonymous, Apr 11, 2020

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    Which selectors to use?
    I write html using usually one class per logical site block. Accordingly, I select all child elements with selectors like: '.block & gt; div: nth-child (2) & gt; p: last-child'. Recently, I began to wonder whether it is correct to use such long selectors, or is it better to add more classes ...
    HTML Caroline Allison, Apr 17, 2020

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    How to remove duplicate tags from HTML string?
    Hello. I am parsing the content of a parsed page using Python 3 and Beautiful Soup. The problem is that the page may contain duplicate HTML tags that are located in different DOM branches (I don't know their position in advance). Duplicate tags need to be removed (but the original tag should ...
    HTML Anonymous, May 30, 2019

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    How can I hide some option in datalist?
    Good afternoon. Actually, is it possible to hide some of the options in the datalist? So that these options are not offered as you type. Why doesn't the standard behavior suit: <input type="text" list="data-list"><datalist id="data-list"><option value="abcdef"> ...
    HTML Anonymous, Dec 3, 2019

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    How relevant is the Pixel perfect layout?
    Hey guys. Tell a newbie, how relevant is the typesetting of the letter pefect today? I study layout, practice on different layouts, but most often I use flex box or grid. In this case, the layout is not a pixel defect at all, but it has its big advantage in the form of adaptability. So what is the ...
    HTML Lorelei Levy, Mar 3, 2020

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    Looking for help in php with html handling pincode field?
    I am making my project on the API, and there was a difficulty in creating a secure page using a pin code. The new page should open only if the PIN code is entered correctly, in case of an error, delete the field with the code. The question is whether you need to create 4 inputs for each character, ...
    HTML Anonymous, Jul 10, 2020

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    How do I darken?
    How to shade the backgrond on the site when hovering over any element of the site
    HTML Abigail Morales, Aug 30, 2020

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    How to increase page loading speed?
    I'm doing a download speed test. Desktop test: and now for mobile: I expected the results to be approximately the same (+/- 5 units), but there is a huge difference .. What's the catch? Google advises to figure it out with js, but I already have a compressed and small script
    HTML Anonymous, Dec 29, 2019

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    How do I know if the user scrolled to the desired element on the page?
    Let's say there is a long page, the content of which does not fit on the screen. There are 2 elements somewhere closer to the bottom of the page, how do you know that the user has scrolled to the first element and / or to the second? Thanks in advance.
    HTML Anonymous, May 30, 2019

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    How do I implement a menu for a SPA application?
    How to implement animation for this menu, maybe there were similar tasks or there is a link to a similar menu.
    HTML Sofia Morgan, Feb 25, 2020

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    How to determine which block has moved over the edge of the browser window and in which direction?
    There is a block. Its width is less than the width of the browser window. Suppose he climbs to the right or left outside the browser window for an indefinite distance. How to determine the block crawls out beyond the edge of the browser or is it in the browser window, as well as on which side of ...
    HTML Jack Zuniga, Apr 15, 2020