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    How to implement movement of an object by pressing a button?
    How to implement the movement of a picture by clamping, as, for example, on google maps. That is, I put the move cursor, the image is initially in the middle in the block with overflow hidden, the image is 1080p, the top div is 1140p wide. I pinch on the image, move it to the left, the picture ...
    jQuery Finn Ashley, Jan 25, 2019

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    Is it possible to autoplay audio in chrome?
    I tried it through audio.play, autoplay does not work in chrome when loading, maybe there is such an opportunity or what script?
    jQuery Anonymous, Feb 3, 2020

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    How to create a text block with a submit form so that the response from the form is checked against the database cell and ...
    Guys, please help me, I'm at a dead end ... Thank you very much in advance for your advice and help! The essence of the question is: There is a database with such fields, for example: I want to implement the following thing: When you enter a response in the input text field and click on ...
    jQuery Anonymous, Oct 1, 2019

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    How to make the background image change along with the main slider?
    There is a simple slider with text information. How to make the background image change when changing a slide with text? How to implement this? I'm using slick-slider. Slider example
    jQuery Emily Sloan, Aug 10, 2020

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    Is it possible to set the logic to connect Jquery CDN and visual file?
    I have such a question. There are two versions of connecting jquery to a project. The first is the CDN, the second is the physical file. Is it possible to make the CDN connect first, and if there is no access to this resource, then the physical file is connected?
    jQuery Felix Christensen, Apr 26, 2020

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    How to display a block with an index that corresponds to the index of the active slide?
    Greetings. The task is to show the block, the index of which corresponds to the index of the central active slide. There is a slider on the page, it displays 3 active slides. There is a function that adds the class .owl-center to the central slideBelow the slider is a block containing blocks ...
    jQuery Blake Kane, Feb 25, 2020

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    How to display error messages using jQuery Validation under a specific element?
    In jQuery Validation, by default, the error message is displayed below the field that failed validation. How can I customize the display of an error message under another element - the Submit button?
    jQuery Anonymous, Jan 4, 2019

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    Changing the opacity of an element on the scroll gap - how to do it?
    There are many elements on the page that should appear (by changing the opacity) when scrolling at a certain interval. Using one element as an example: There is a bottom border when the element is completely transparent - 900px There is a top border when elements are completely opaque - 1100px ...
    jQuery Kira Richmond, Apr 24, 2020

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    How to send ajax data from input type = & quot; file & quot; to the file and from there add the image to the property of the file type element?
    or maybe it's better to download it and then get a link like that ... I send text fields by data: ({name:$('#name').val(), nomer:$('#phone').val(), can i send images in the same way? and if so, how can you then add a new infoblock element to the file type property. text and select are added ...
    jQuery Avery Perez, Nov 5, 2019

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    How to implement such a slider?
    How can you implement such a slider? On the sides - arrows for switching and part (preview) of the previous and next slide. On mobile devices, previews are hidden, leaving only the current slide and arrows. Thanks in advance for your reply.
    jQuery Alexandra Marshall, Mar 23, 2020

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    How to start outputting slide numbering not from 0 but from 1 in flipster slider?
    now so Slider activation code $ ('. my-flipster'). flipster ({ nav: 'after', // slide numbers under the slider loop: true, style: 'flat' });
    jQuery Anonymous, Jun 4, 2019

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    Variable visibility in JavaScript?
    Hello. There is a code: function isAdmin() { var result = $.ajax({ url: '../php/index.php', type: 'POST', data: {'method': 'user.is_admin'}, success: function(data) { if (data.response.code == 503) { return false; } else if (data.response.code == 504) { return false; } ...
    jQuery Anonymous, Oct 17, 2019

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    JQuery error. Can you tell me what it can be and how to fix it?
    Hi everybody. I'm fixing one site here. https://mudjobs.com/ . There on the map at the top, markers should appear like this wp.nootheme.com/jobmonster/search-map -home . An error appears in the console. (anonymous) @ bootstrap3-wysihtml5.custom.min.js: 2 (index): 1 Uncaught SyntaxError: ...
    jQuery Anonymous, Aug 9, 2020

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    What is this code responsible for?
    Parsed the source code and there is such a code. What’s wrong with him, what’s no difference.
    jQuery Anonymous, Jan 18, 2019

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    How to find and remove a checked checkbox?
    Good afternoon. There are a number of checkboxes with the value value, which are displayed separately with a certain "checklist". <section> <div id='result2'> <div class="md-checkbox" style="font-size:20px"> <input id="checkbox_4" type="checkbox" ...
    jQuery Jaxon Shaffer, Dec 24, 2019

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    Responsive gallery for images of different widths?
    I saw a responsive gallery on this site. ( www.lofterud.se/architecture ) Perhaps some of you know how to do the same. It just fills up perfectly. The height and width of the images, regardless of the screen size, are always adjusted as needed. The main task is to let the browser fit all ...
    jQuery Parker Campbell, Apr 11, 2020

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    Why is an empty ajax form submitting?
    Hello everyone. The usual form is: <form id="modul-form_10" data-form-validate="true">....</form> To submit forms in Bitrix24 I use the following php: <?define('CRM_HOST', 'my_host.bitrix24.ru'); // Ваш домен CRM системыdefine('CRM_PORT', '443'); // Порт ...
    jQuery Anonymous, Sep 28, 2020

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    How to typeset such footnotes on a picture?
    Maybe there are any libraries? How can you google it? The main difficulty is in folded footnotes, which goes diagonally first, then horizontally. Hardcode and what would be purely for this text 1 time you can always do it, you are interested in the universal solution.
    jQuery Anonymous, Mar 13, 2020

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    How do I change the sliders of the slider?
    There is a slider with changed sliders (clip-path). How can you make sure that when the sliders are brought together as much as possible, the "arrows" of the sliders move towards each other, and not run over like now? Code https://jsfiddle.net/rs9djf0L/1/ CSS .ui-slider-horizontal ...
    jQuery Isabelle Burton, Jun 29, 2020

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    How do I switch between modals from within windows?
    The task is to switch between modal windows. An example of how to do it: Click on the picture - & gt; opens a bootstrap modal or other. This window contains information and at the bottom of the window there are 2 forward and backward buttons. Pressing the forward button should close the first ...
    jQuery Ruby Livingston, Feb 12, 2019