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    How can I implement custom authentication in Laravel?
    There is a task to implement the following authorization: When registering, a token is generated for the user, which is entered into the table with users in the api_token column. and during subsequent authentication, the user is provided with it in the response. Also implement the verification ...
    Laravel Anonymous, Sep 1, 2019

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    How can I use Eloquent separately from laravel?
    Hello! I have a self-written project where I decided to use Eloquent as the ORM. However, I was not able to take full advantage of its capabilities: Query Builder functions do not work in the context of models. That is the code \ models \ User :: where ('test', '=', 123); will ...
    Laravel Anonymous, Nov 1, 2019

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    Displaying information from a search?
    Good evening, Something like doing a search on the site, which, in theory, should search for information from the database ... But I don’t understand how to display information on the site .. public function search(Request $request) { $name = $request->input('Name'); ...
    Laravel Blake Haley, Jun 25, 2020

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    How to display statistics from a database in laravel?
    I connected a template for displaying information to all pages. The question remains - how to transfer data from the database to this template? Thank you
    Laravel Violet Turner, Aug 20, 2020

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    How to fix the error while adding a record to the database?
    Hello everyone! Who faced a similar situation. I get an error when adding records to the database. SQLSTATE [42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 The table is migrated and listed correctly. Here is the model class. class EstablishmentOptions extends Model { protected $ ...
    Laravel Anonymous, Jan 8, 2019

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    Upload PDF file to Laravel DB?
    Hello coders, please tell me, I have a form, after pressing the button in the controller, a PDF file is generated (so to speak, an invoice). and this file immediately opens in a new tab. Used this technology If you find that the library is not suitable then you can use this What I need, I need ...
    Laravel Iris Craig, May 17, 2019

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    How to create lazy collection in laravel on big data?
    Hello everyone, I read guide on laravel lazy collections how to work with the database it is clear how to read large files is also clear. But if I need to generate a collection (for example, just a list of strings) that is generated in a loop but more than can be placed in the ram (and not ...
    Laravel Olivia Gross, Jun 24, 2020

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    Is Laravel really that slow?
    After a long break, I'm returning to duty. I'm looking at what they are writing now. Five years ago I would have chosen yii2 without options. Now I watch laravel the most popular. Delivered for the test yii2, laravel, yii3. Yii3 didn't start right away, so I excluded it for now. ...
    Laravel Anonymous, Mar 22, 2019

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    How do I get the prerender-spa-plugin to work with Laravel?
    At the moment there is a code like this in webpack.mix.js: spoiler const mix = require('laravel-mix');const path = require('path')const PrerenderSPAPlugin = require('prerender-spa-plugin')/* |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Mix Asset ...
    Laravel Anonymous, Mar 2, 2020

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    Voyager Laravel bread crumbs?
    Good day! Please tell me how you can add breadcrumbs to Voyager Laravel. Categories Main Category Sub category 1 Sub category 2 Sub category 3 Main category Sub category 1 link to the main category is not correct category / pod-kategoriya-1 - if you specify url the link is still ...
    Laravel Everett Reyes, May 19, 2019

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    How to organize such a search query groupBy + having Laravel?
    I have 3 tables Books - & gt; id, book title Tags - & gt; id, tag name book_tag - & gt; id_book, id_tag ​​A book can have many tags, and vice versa, a tag can have many books (many-to-many) relationships. I want to organize my search in such a way that only the books that are indicated ...
    Laravel Anonymous, Dec 23, 2019

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    Laravel OrderBy leftJoin?
    Good evening! Guys, I have a table with orders, there is also a table with logs in which we store all sorts of different things. Including the date of the change in payment status. I need to sort the orders table by the last related orders entry in the logs. For example, yesterday we changed the ...
    Laravel Arya Clayton, Jan 22, 2020

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    What does he dislike about installing laravel / ui --dev?
    composer require laravel / ui --dev Php version 7.4 Laravel 7 version
    Laravel Victoria Gibson, Nov 7, 2020

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    Be sure to validate the picture on the server. Vue, Laravel?
    I have an example, I want to upload a picture to the server. 1) I validate the selected image on vue. 2) I encode it into a base64 string and send this code as text via ajax Is it possible to validate only on vue or is it necessary on the server. What are the ways to solve this?
    Laravel Anonymous, Mar 16, 2020

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    Edit sql before querying the database?
    Hello everyone! There is a working project on version 5.8 Now we are doing a global update of the project, including laravel to the latest version. In the latest version, it turns out that everything was divided for convenience and moved to the Models folder, it used to be in app / And the ...
    Laravel Anonymous, Aug 6, 2019

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    Laravel Notifications?
    why do we need Notifications, preferably with an example I can make a port through event and listen to it through node, and there will be the same notifications or is it just just 2 solutions to the same problem?
    Laravel Anonymous, Oct 31, 2019

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    How do I change the title in Laravel Jetstream?
    The question is in the title itself. Please share your thoughts and ideas. Otherwise, I don’t understand how to change the title using the standard ready-made layouts.
    Laravel Anonymous, Jun 28, 2019

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    How do you extend a Laravel application?
    I want to write my own service for working with Internet acquiring (payment). Please enlighten how this should be implemented, namely, writing services to work with the bank's API? I studied Laravel Cashier (code) and realized that I need the same, only for myself, but I didn't ...
    Laravel Elijah Huerta, Mar 26, 2019

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    Error 419 after transferring a site to Laravel to hosting. How to fix?
    After transferring the application to Laravel v.8 from the local OpenServer to the server, a problem appeared - error 419. The work of all forms - including authorization and authentication. I get error message 419. As I understand it, there is a problem with CSRF - protection . But the ...
    Laravel Anonymous, Apr 3, 2019

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    How to properly index a large amount of information in elasticsearch?
    Created a command in Laravel, I get all the goods in it $ prod = Prod :: cursor (); I iterate over and write to elasticsearch $this->elasticsearch->index([ 'index' => 'prods', 'type' => 'prod', 'id' => $prod->prods_id, 'body' => [ 'site_id' => ...
    Laravel Paige Duarte, Oct 22, 2020