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    Error configuring ufw nginx?
    @:~$ sudo ufw allow sshRules updatedRules updated (v6)@:~$ sudo ufw allow httpRules updatedRules updated (v6)@:~$ sudo ufw allow httpsRules updatedRules updated (v6)@:~$ sudo ufw show addedAdded user rules (see 'ufw status' for running firewall):ufw allow 22ufw allow 80ufw allow 443 ...
    Linux Dominic Alvarado, Dec 29, 2019

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    How to make a half-screen rotation in Ubuntu (win + arrows)?
    Are there any default hotkeys or do they need to be configured somehow?
    Linux Gabriel Whitaker, Sep 12, 2019

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    How to correctly set the file permissions for reading from PHP?
    The root directory, in it a subdirectory, in it a text file. You need to read it from PHP from the user www-data. I do: chown www-data /root/audiochmod 777 /root/audiochown www-data /root/audio/list.txtchmod 777 /root/audio/list.txt I try to read from PHP using "file ()" and I get a bummer. ...
    Linux Anonymous, Mar 13, 2019

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    How do I delete junk files from Embedded Linux?
    There is an ip camera, I opened the cramfs + squash firmware, unpacked it, it is necessary to clear a lot of files and data in order to free up space, the question is what needs to be deleted, the question is also interesting that there are links in / etc / bin, how to find out where the root of ...
    Linux Anonymous, Nov 20, 2020

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    How do I open, mount or edit a .dvi image?
    He worked in a virtual machine, set up experiments. At one point, it broke and the virtual machine stopped loading. I know where and what I broke, so what to fix is ​​to go into the .conf and correct the lines, but how to do it is a mystery to me.
    Linux Gabriel Townsend, Aug 12, 2020

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    Can't get environment variables in nginx, what should I do?
    So there is a set of variables in the OS. ...export DEV1_PATH="/home/user/data/www/site.dev1"... I'm trying to connect them to Ngixn via the perl module. nginx.conf ...env PATH;env DEV1_PATH;...http { perl_set $root_path 'sub { return $ENV{"PATH"}; }'; perl_set $dev1_path 'sub ...
    Linux Anonymous, Mar 25, 2019

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    How to combine multiple tun interfaces?
    Good day! Help please. There is a server on Ubuntu Server 16.04.1. It has 3 Open VPN servers, respectively 3 tun interfaces (tun0 (, tun1 (, tun2 ( The next question is how to make sure that all clients have access to each other?
    Linux Matthew Hull, Dec 26, 2019

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    What processes does the who -d command display?
    According to the man, who -d displays some dead processes: -d, --dead print dead processes However, it is not entirely clear what these processes are. Enlighten, please!
    Linux Anonymous, Jan 31, 2019

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    Why doesn't gzip speed up website loading times?
    I read about the loading time of pages of sites and almost everywhere it is written that to speed up loading, you can also use gzip. I took a simple nginx configuration as tests: user nginx;worker_processes 4;pid /run/;error_log /var/log/nginx/error.log;events { ...
    Linux Leah Velez, Nov 11, 2020

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    How to organize an encrypted network without a server?
    There are several (3+) machines on Centos7. Each contains 2 network interfaces. One of them looks at the Internet, the second organizes a gray internal network. Are there any approaches that allow you to combine the internal networks of each machine via an encrypted Internet channel without ...
    Linux Anonymous, Apr 6, 2020

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    How to install Yandex Browser Linux?
    Tell me how to install Yandex browser and Firefox Quantum on centos rummaged everything, all infa for ubuntu
    Linux Anonymous, Mar 10, 2020

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    Connection timed out after 15000 milliseconds?
    There is such a problem (With cross-server requests, the following error "Connection timed out after 15000 milliseconds" sometimes occurs, the timeout is set to 15 seconds on php. Every minute, on average, 300 requests are sent to remote hosts, and in this mode, every 15 minutes, there are 1-10 ...
    Linux Joseph Leblanc, Feb 13, 2019

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    Which web interface to choose for mail?
    Tell me a good user-friendly web interface for mail? no matter what users eat me, I didn't really like roundcube
    Linux Vivian McIntyre, Jan 5, 2019

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    Why does it freeze?
    Guys, what's the problem? Installed clean centos 7 desktop everything is fine. As soon as I install nginx + php-fpm + mongodb + cassandra + elasticsearch the computer hangs hard, the mouse does not move, no window opens, restarting does not help. intel core i5 RAM 4GB Could it be that ...
    Linux Silas David, Jan 31, 2020

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    What antivirus should I use to scan for viruses on websites?
    I usually use There is one trial scan, usually enough to identify, and then it's already easier. But he tupanul something and did not scan, and the trial has already been spent. Can someone tell me a similar free or also with a trial. Advice from those who have tried ...
    Linux Anonymous, Aug 11, 2020

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    Which control panel should you choose for your home server?
    There is such a problem. There is a home server running Linux. It has servers for various applications needed for the home. Video surveillance, smart home, DLNA for kin in the local network, etc. Managing this zoo via ssh is somehow not very convenient, and standard control panels are aimed at some ...
    Linux Michael O'Rozco, Oct 10, 2019

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    Why did Digital Ocean server become unavailable after resize?
    After about 5 hours of server operation after VPS resize on Digital Ocean, it became unavailable. Resize was from 2CPU / 2GB RAM to 12CPU / 32GB RAM Doesn't respond. I went to the server console from the admin panel, ping and tracing to any hosts does not go. I wrote to support - I'm ...
    Linux Anonymous, Oct 22, 2019

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    How do I set a wget regular?
    Hello! When downloading the site, I get links like: ...
    Linux Iris McLean, Apr 12, 2019

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    Cause of encoding issues when running windows service on centos via mono + xsp4?
    Hello. Please tell me where to dig. Here I am trying to run a simple web service created under Windows in Visual Studio on a machine with Centos using mono and xsp. Made a simple method, much easier. Browser - FireFox. [WebMethod] public string GetStr_Test(string cityName) { ...
    Linux Anonymous, Apr 10, 2020

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    Backup server on what is better to organize windows or Linux (so that the encryptor does not work)?
    Give advice on how to do better. We need a Backup server. There is a supermicro platform for 4 baskets, i5, 16 GB. 4 baskets with 6TB drives. which OS is better to use. What is your opinion on XPE?
    Linux Sawyer Cooke, Nov 11, 2020