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    How can such a structure be derived?
    There is such a structure <div class="item"> <div class="item-left"> <div class="point"></div> <div class="point"></div> <div class="point"></div> <div class="point"></div> </div> <div class="item-right"> ...
    PHP Emerson O'Donnell, Jan 17, 2020

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    Is there a normal parser for bar or qr codes in PHP?
    Subject. There is a task to parse a considerable amount of scans of documents with applied (by us) barcodes. Scans can be of different formats, but mostly pdf. Initially, the choice fell on zbarimg (pdf works, it is possible to use it in php via exec (it was permissible and desirable to find a ...
    PHP Jude Koch, May 15, 2019

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    Why is the php script not working correctly to hide the site from visitors?
    The site is powered by Bitrix. I created a custom stub so that while the site is in development mode. unauthorized visitors could not see its content and placed the script file in / local / php_interface / include / site_closed.php Following instructions from ...
    PHP Anonymous, Feb 11, 2020

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    The reason why the HTML file code is being downloaded, and not a request from the database?
    There is a table "logs" in it three three columns 1 - id (key) 2 - owner (the owner of the log which is equal to id in the users table) 3 - input (text itself) When sending a post request, you need to download the text that is in the input column, but the entire HTML document is downloaded. ...
    PHP Lucas Huber, Feb 18, 2020

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    How do I process an array in PHP?
    There is an array $ a: Array( [NAME] => Array ( [ID] => 1 [COLOR] => "Белый" [VALUE] => "Иван" ) [LASTNAME] => Array ( [ID] => 15 [COLOR] => "Черный" [VALUE] ...
    PHP Everett Coffey, May 22, 2020

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    How to fix php code?
    hello, I can't figure out how to correct the code so that the clearCreditsTransAction function, if this condition is not met when updating the database, will not start `email` = '$ email_get' " function clearCreditsTransAction($id) { global $db; $email_i=users::getEmail($id); ...
    PHP Anonymous, Nov 29, 2020

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    How do I submit a file from a form?
    There is a form processor <?php$name = $_POST['name'];$phone = $_POST['phone'];$age = $_POST['age'];$text = $_POST['text'];$site = "";$to = "";$subject = "Новая заявка ($phone)";$headers = "MIME-Version: 1.0\nContent-type: text/html; charset=utf-8\nFrom: $site\n"; ...
    PHP Sophie Ibarra, Jun 16, 2019

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    How to use word formulas in php (mix test questions)?
    There is a math test. And I wrote a php script to shuffle test questions and answers. You insert the test into the textarea and press the button you get mixed questions and answers. And here such things are. In textarea, you can only insert text. How do I insert formulas? Is it possible to somehow ...
    PHP Anonymous, Oct 20, 2020

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    Is it worth writing the tutorial and the most minimal PHP code to create a simple blog?
    The idea is simple (if there is no such thing!): Make a PHP-project of a blog engine with minimal functionality and place it on a github for teaching beginners in PHP the correct code structure and typical data processing / filtering techniques and correct algorithms (the fastest in terms of ...
    PHP Nathan Rich, Apr 20, 2019

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    How to correctly add a condition to exclude repetition of the value in the $ _COOKIE array?
    The condition consisted of sequential writing to the array of cookies id received by the get-request. I came to this option, however, the values ​​written to the array are repeated, which I would like to avoid. Attempting to inject! In_array into the condition will overwrite the array in case ...
    PHP Scarlett Walters, Apr 6, 2019

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    How to properly organize a connection to the mssql database in PHP?
    Hey. I started learning PHP. In order to somehow practice, I decided to make a small portal for myself at work. Please help me figure out how to correctly organize the connection and disconnection to the ms sql database. The bottom line is this: You need to write a page, such as a dashboard. I ...
    PHP Anonymous, Nov 21, 2020

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    How to fix the error: Too many connections in MySQL?
    On a project in MySQL, an error sometimes pops up: Too many connections Sometimes I mean, I think this happens when there is an influx of online on the site and the crowns I have that are executed every minute, maybe in total when the crowns still start to be executed, there is a sharp jump in ...
    PHP Anonymous, Aug 1, 2019

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    Is there an option in curl php to call the function after the file has finished downloading?
    Is there an option in curl php to call the function after the file has finished downloading? Found CURLOPT_WRITEFUNCTION, but this is not called at the end.
    PHP Ronan Dunlap, Aug 17, 2019

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    How is such json parsed in php?
    I get this response in json format {"id":4812159,"title":null,"kind":1,"max_count":100,"cost":1,"current_count":100,"created_at":"2019-11-19T20:36:28.471+03:00","paused":false,"suspended":false,"finished":false,"last_order_at":"2019-11-19T20:36:28.471+03:00","current_limits_optimized":", , , , , ...
    PHP Elliott Brown, Dec 12, 2020

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    Warning request error?
    Hello, output an error Warning: mysqli_fetch_assoc () expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result, boolean given in /var/www/u0788916/data/www/ on line 34 124 The problem is if (! Empty ($ status)) { namely in checking <?php$QueryType = $_GET['QueryType']; ...
    PHP Anonymous, Apr 18, 2020

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    How to use Word formulas in the code (mix test questions)?
    There is a math test. And I wrote a script to shuffle test questions and answers. You insert the test into the field and press the button and you get random. And here such things are that you can only insert text there. How do I insert formulas? Is it possible to somehow convert them into one ...
    PHP Harrison Hendrix, Mar 2, 2020

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    Is it worth switching from php to java?
    Hello everyone, the point is, since 2013 I have been working in php, I don't seem to know badly, there are of course gaps, but where can I go without them? I decided to move from my small city (regional center) to a larger city)) I began to pass interviews, but something in php, little ...
    PHP Sean Pratt, Sep 27, 2020

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    How to parse Messages on websocket'e?
    There is a web socket, how can I parse data (Messages) in it using php or JavaScript? This data will need to be written to a specific file.
    PHP Anonymous, Dec 26, 2019

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    A library for generating PDF in PHP?
    Good afternoon, advise a library for generating PDF in php. Severity requirements: 1. Support for inserting images with transparency. 2. Formation of the page through html or another markup language (the main thing is simplicity and sufficient flexibility in the formation of plates). For ...
    PHP Anonymous, May 28, 2020

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    How do I get the value of input if value is empty?
    Good afternoon, I process html using simple_html_dom, but then there was a problem .. I need to get the value of an input that has no value attribute 0_o Accordingly, this code gives out emptiness. $quantity = $data->find("form.quantity input");echo $quantity[0]->value;
    PHP Anonymous, Sep 25, 2019