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    Why won't the command in shell_exec be executed?
    shell_exec('sudo screen -S ch25565 java -Xincgc -Xmx1024M -Xms60M -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+CMSIncrementalPacing -XX:ParallelGCThreads=4 -XX:+AggressiveOpts -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -jar /home/ch1/ch.jar');
    Ubuntu Anonymous, Oct 21, 2020

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    Black screen after Ubuntu Server installation. What's wrong?
    I used ubuntu server on the second computer. The installation was carried out using a USB flash drive. The installation went smoothly. After reboot, just a black screen. The computer itself is connected to the router. I learned the IP through a router. The computer itself pings, but I cannot ...
    Ubuntu Ava Wood, Jan 8, 2019

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    How to set a password to a linux user?
    I enter: useradd -d / home / ch1 -g ftpch -p 123 vova But the password is not set, -help says: encrypted password of the new account. How can I encrypt it?
    Ubuntu Anonymous, Oct 25, 2019

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    How to run a .sh file over ssh via php?
    Found ssh2_connect () but don't understand how to use it, English documentation everywhere. Maybe there is some example with a Russian description?
    Ubuntu Anonymous, Jan 20, 2020

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    Why stat, li -lu in ubuntu do not update the file read or copy time?
    Why stat, li -lu in ubuntu do not update the file read or copy time? Do they just update acces time when writing to a file? How to fix it? Clear cache like in php (clearstatcashe ())? If so, how to clean?
    Ubuntu Anonymous, Apr 11, 2019

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    The Apache does not allow the LAMP'a folder located not on the system partition of the disk. How to fix?
    Apache simply does not allow access to a folder that is not in the same section as / var / www. Simlinks don't help either.
    Ubuntu Anonymous, May 28, 2020

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    How do I run a constantly running script in ubuntu (gearman)?
    I keep trying to work normally with gearman, but as soon as I need to do something, I have to put the script for constant execution again. After searching for the reason, I realized that I had to run it together with the nohup command. But the problems did not diminish. Why does the script break ...
    Ubuntu Anna Blevins, Apr 28, 2020

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    Black screen and blinking cursor while installing Ubuntu. What to do?
    Hello! The essence of the question is this: a DELL 500 laptop, Ubuntu was already installed on it, but when upgrading to version 15.04, at first there were all the rules, but with the last update it went completely stupid, I apologize, installed Win7, and now decided to install Ubuntu again, threw ...
    Ubuntu Lorelei Klein, Mar 30, 2020

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    How can I configure a server on Apache to send emails using PHP mail ()?
    There is an apache server on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, sendmail and php-mail are installed, the path to sendmail is registered in the php.ini file, but letters on the feedback page via mail () are not sent. What could be the problem?
    Ubuntu Addison Quinn, Jun 20, 2019

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    How to properly configure DNS server on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS?
    Please tell me how to properly configure bind9 in ubuntu? The site is being written and I would like to launch it without third-party hosting and dns servers. To do this, I understand you need to install your server and register its IP at the domain registrar. Search services did not help find ...
    Ubuntu Felix Christensen, May 15, 2020

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    How to choose a Wi-Fi adapter for Ubuntu Server?
    Please advise a USB-Wi-Fi adapter to work seamlessly and well with Ubuntu Server 14.04 out of the box. exactly usb because laptop. Presence in DNS is desirable =)
    Ubuntu Anonymous, Apr 25, 2020

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    Why is there an error in 404 posts after migrating wordpress?
    In general, I transferred the project to a new hosting (VDS) and a problem arose: the CNC does not work ... Here's a site that doesn't actually work: recensor.ru I suspect this is due to some kind of incorrect web server settings ... What I have done already: 1) rewrote permalinks in ...
    Ubuntu Anonymous, Nov 19, 2020

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    What is the reason for the drop in Apt speed after updating Ubuntu?
    After updating the distribution, the speed dropped from 2-8 mb / s to 200 kb / s. Mirror mirror.yandex.ru , did not change. More than 300 kb / s on any mirror does not rise. It was not updated automatically, but itself, therefore, it is unlikely to be together with everyone. Something similar ...
    Ubuntu Logan Herrera, May 22, 2020

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    What is a good manual for configuring VDS ubuntu for web hosting?
    Can you please tell me a Russian-language / English-language manual for setting up a clean VDS under OS Ubuntu 14. So that it can host wordpress sites, that is, php, mysql, apache It is advisable if you know which one is verified, maybe someone wrote or set up on this ... (I can just drive it ...
    Ubuntu Anonymous, Apr 15, 2019

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    403 Forbidden dokuwiki?
    Good afternoon, I wanted to bring up the wiki dock on ubuntu server 14, found instructions , followed apt-get install dokuwiki I got to look for /etc/apache2/conf.d/dokuwiki.conf , of course I didn't find it, after execution: ~# whereis dokuwiki.confdokuwiki: /etc/dokuwiki ...
    Ubuntu Alice Gregory, Jun 23, 2019

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    Has wordpress stopped working properly?
    In general, the essence of the question is, can someone help ... It was necessary to transfer WP to VDS, everything was transferred, everything is fine, but: the links stopped working, changing the CNC in the admin panel does not lead to anything, in particular, according to my observations, the ...
    Ubuntu Anonymous, Feb 15, 2019

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    Ubuntu won't boot?
    There is Windows on the laptop. I created a partition, installed ubuntu in it, but it does not load. Google write about the overwritten bootloader, tried the bootrepair tool, tried to put it through the terminal. Did some kind of manipulation with efi ... Although who could erase it if I just put ...
    Ubuntu Jace Cardenas, Mar 12, 2020

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    How to solve the problem with GUI fading?
    Good afternoon, The problem is this: the graphical shell periodically hangs on Ubuntu 14.4. It goes to the console, but I don't see the console. Restarting I tried to install drivers on Nvidia gtx 550 to instead of Xs, but it stops running in Ubuntu. Thank you!
    Ubuntu Anonymous, Oct 23, 2020

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    Has anyone already run React Native on ubuntu?
    I really want to try to do something on android, is there anyone who has already launched it on Linux?
    Ubuntu Lilah Crane, Jan 20, 2020

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    Browser blinking when opened in ubuntu 15.04 / 14.04 on virtualbox can you fix it?
    In general, the problem is this, I put everything on the ubuntu 15.04 virtual machine, except that when the browser is opened, the opening area starts blinking 15 times, as if I frantically open and hide windows. I thought that the problem was in the additions of the guest OS, installed them, tried ...
    Ubuntu Anonymous, Mar 31, 2020