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    How to fix admin panel freezing when importing WP files?
    When importing products from a CSV file into WordPress through the WooCommerce plugin, a hang occurs. The progress bar reaches 20-40%, and then freezes. And nothing else happens. I update and import only 600 products out of 3200. Please tell me how to make the import completely? Or maybe it is ...
    WordPress Anonymous, Jun 2, 2019

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    Which web server is better for WordPress: LiteSpeed ​​or Apache + Nginx?
    Hello! There is a question of choosing a shared hosting for WordPress. The main selection criteria: performance and high speed of loading the site pages, at the initial stage your own VPS is not planned. The project is content-based and will be optimized as much as possible: compression and ...
    WordPress Noah O'Neill, Feb 15, 2019

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    How to save files in Contact Form 7 wordpress?
    Hello. There is a Contact Form 7, you need to save the attached files on the site, and not in temporary files. Now I did this: add_filter( 'wpcf7_before_send_mail', 'wpcf7_before_send_mail_start_function' );function wpcf7_before_send_mail_start_function($cf7){$uploaddir = ...
    WordPress Anonymous, Jun 10, 2019

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    I want to display the number of subscribers and analysts on the wp site, how?
    Hello, I want to display real-time analytics on my website from an Instagram account that I have access to. The site is WordPress, so I would like to know: is there a plugin for this? If not, please tell me how to implement it data-safe (access token)
    WordPress Anonymous, Jan 10, 2020

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    Employee card on wordpress with addable fields?
    I am looking for a plugin in the form of employee cards for wordpress with the ability to add your own fields. What is it for me - I want to tie the inventory equipment directly to the employee. It is very convenient both when hiring and firing an employee. Well, or an inventory plugin, but with ...
    WordPress Ava Foley, Dec 10, 2020

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    How to make a selection in Wordpress by ACF of the Post type that returns an array of objects?
    There is a custom ACF field of the "Records" type, which organizes the relationship between the two types of records. Sampling from the side with this field is easy. But how do you reverse-select, that is, get a list of records that have this record selected in this field? If an arbitrary ACF ...
    WordPress Anonymous, Apr 12, 2020

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    Why doesn't adding to cart work after connecting Popup Maker?
    Added the Popup Maker plugin to the project, after clicking on the button, a popup appears, but nothing happens to the value in the basket. Previously, when I pressed the button, the value in the cart went up by one point. What could be the reason for this incident?
    WordPress Anonymous, Mar 13, 2019

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    Wordpress in docker, is it a good idea?
    Colleagues, hello. Under the auspices of the microservice architecture, I decided to look towards "pushing" the site into the docker so that it can be very conveniently and quickly scaled. Have you had any experience with migrating running vp sites in docker? Overall, do you think this is a good ...
    WordPress Anonymous, Jul 22, 2020

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    How to implement a catalog site with filters in Visual Composer WP?
    Good afternoon, there is a task to add a 500 page with house projects to the site. Site made with Visual Composer Wordpress Question: How to implement such filters as in the example
    WordPress Anonymous, Aug 28, 2019

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    How to make an article in the form of a review?
    Those. so that its structured data (micro-markup) is of this type.
    WordPress Anonymous, Jan 24, 2019

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    Where to download themes for WorldPress for free?
    Tell me sites where you can download free premium Russian-language themes (templates) for WooCommerce WorldPress? The theme is required for an online store.
    WordPress Reese Harrison, Aug 8, 2019

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    Create Thousand WP Pages?
    Good afternoon, tell me pliz, there is a database of brands / models of cars, how can you make these brands / models indexed by search engines and when you query in a search engine, for example "BMW x3 engine" could the user find the page and go to it? For example, the text will be template, ...
    WordPress Anonymous, Nov 29, 2019

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    How to create grouped Woocommerce product with product categories?
    Good day. There is a furniture store at WP + WOO. It is necessary to create grouped products - let's say an office, you can select a composition for it by categories: tables, curbstones, etc. How to display the product card like this - the product itself and further categories of its content - ...
    WordPress Anonymous, Oct 24, 2020

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    Slider on WordPress?
    Hello everyone! How to make such a thing? On the WordPress site, you need to make a carousel slider. There will be 5 pictures in plain sight, the rest are hidden. In total there will be 100, maybe 200. Each picture will have a signature (well, in the sense of a title or description), and each ...
    WordPress Anonymous, Nov 16, 2020

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    Why Worpdress is partly in Russian, partly in English?
    In the process of setting up an online store on Wordpress, I encountered the fact that some of the inscriptions were in English, although the version was originally downloaded in Russian. Where to dig? Files with translations are in place, their rights are normal, the system detects the language ...
    WordPress Brielle Burton, Mar 5, 2020

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    How do I change the chrome.storage.sync.set parameter to chrome.storage.local.set otherwise it throws an error?
    I add an entry in WordPress, insert a picture into the title, publish it and that's what happens. In the general list of entries on the site, the title is visible, but inside the picture it is no longer visible, although everything was fine before. But I noticed that this error appeared. ...
    WordPress Leah Ponce, Apr 4, 2020

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    Fish bite forecast?
    Hi, how can you implement something like this? https://aborigen.org/index.php/minsk-prognoz-kleva As I understand it, you need to take the API of the weather service, pull the temperature, pressure, the moon and much more from it, and use the formula to count what bites and what doesn't? ...
    WordPress Anonymous, Jan 11, 2020

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    How to make login and email match when registering?
    Hello. My users do not differ in intelligence and ingenuity, and they try to enter their names in the "login" field, they write that they are "busy" and they leave. Please help us customize the registration form a little ... The idea is this: Hide the "login" field via display: none; leave ...
    WordPress Josephine Riley, Apr 22, 2020

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    How long does it take to create the main page of this layout with landing on WP?
    What time should the developer june fit into - well, or an average in time in hours / days. To roughly navigate the speed of your work. Link
    WordPress Keira Benitez, Feb 17, 2019

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    How to convert all old Wordpress posts to new block format?
    After the release of the 5th WP, new posts moved to the new Gutenberg editor format, and the old ones did not. They can be translated manually by clicking on the Convert to Blocks buttonBut if there are a lot of posts, how can you automate this process?
    WordPress Anonymous, Jun 2, 2019