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    Want to write a chat using laravel-echo-server?
    I want to write a chat using laravel-echo-server In vue via axios, I send a message to the controller in the controller I call ChatEvent :: dispatch ($ request- & gt; input ('message')) in event I write to a variable and call Chanel ('chat') in vue I listen to port 6001 and ...
    Laravel Anonymous, Sep 11, 2020

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    Laravel 8 Where exactly does the Auth method check the password from the table?
    I found the built-in method in Laravel make: auth, figured out how it works, BUT I can't find where the password verification from the database is located using auth, that is, which file contains the password verification code from the database, since with the make: auth command it expands the ...
    Laravel Anonymous, May 16, 2020

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    Why doesn't has work?
    I need to get records for which links are less than the max_owners value from the table. If I insert chilso into the place "banner_places.max_owners" then it works, and from the current line, how to transfer them to has ?? BannerPlace::has('leases','<', 'banner_places.max_owners')->get()
    Laravel Harper Stokes, Oct 26, 2020

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    PHP, dumb with the database, laravel, how to change the id?
    I want to call the idiot not just "id", but "idu", and so I get an error and say that the idi was not found, all the rules are in the code, when I change "idu" to "id" in the database, it starts working, I don’t can I call an ID specialist by my name? ...
    Laravel Andrew Douglas, Aug 23, 2020

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    How to get a category from a product using the useEffect hook?
    I can't understand why I can't get the category by catId from the product. That is, first I create useState separately for product and category. Then, using axios and useEffect, I get the product through my API via slug (the product is all okay, everything is cool). Next, I also want to ...
    React Anonymous, Nov 8, 2019

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    How do I get the npm library to handle onTouchStart that is not being handled?
    Hello. There is a library not written by me -cube , which creates a 3D cube and allows you to rotate it. The problem is that the cube can only be rotated on the desktop, but in the mobile version it remains static, as I understand it, because only ...
    React Anonymous, Mar 18, 2020

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    Why doesn't React props work?
    When I put active and setActive on the front props do not work, and when I put active and setActive on the back they don’t work and props work. export const CardNews = ({ active, setActive }, props) => { return ( <div className="news-card"> <div ...
    React Wyatt Hampton, Apr 27, 2019

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    How to filter Django model in html template?
    Like this: {% if User.objects.filter(username = us) %} ........{% endif %}
    Django Evan May, Jun 5, 2020

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    ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'eco.main'?
    The main urls file of the project does not see the main module file from django.contrib import adminfrom django.urls import include, pathfrom django.conf import settingsfrom django.conf.urls.static import staticfrom django_registration.views import RegistrationViewfrom ...
    Django Anonymous, Jan 18, 2020

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    Cyrillic in c ++, how to work with wstring?
    How to work with Russian letters in c ++? the output is empty. Is there a way to rewrite a string in L ""? #include <iostream>#include <string>using namespace std;int main(){ wstring myStr; getline(wcin , myStr); wcout << myStr[0] << endl; return 0;}
    C++ Anonymous, Mar 2, 2020

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    Why do some insignificant parentheses change the answer?
    I wrote a program that was supposed to calculate a recursive formula. My answers did not agree. I decided to remove some brackets and everything worked out. Explain, please, what is the difference between the 1st formula and the 2nd? Why is there one answer according to the first formula, and ...
    C++ Blake Nunez, Oct 12, 2020

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    What is the difference between mvpmatrix and those that are set separately and should they be connected (separately) and in what cases?
    What is the difference between mvpmatrix (m_shaderProgramm.setUniformValue ("MVPMatrix", m_projectionMatrix * modelViewMatrix);) from those that are set separately and should they be connected (separately) and in what cases? vertex shader attribute vec4 a_position;attribute vec2 a_textcoord; ...
    C++ Anonymous, May 23, 2020

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    Run-Time Check Failure # 2 - Stack around the variable 'array_of_1and0' was corrupted?
    Here is the problem statement: The program is working correctly, everything is fine. One but I can't figure out why this "array_of_1and0" is corrupted. help me please
    C++ Ronan Calderon, Jan 23, 2019

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    How to prevent connection to the server from the server IP?
    Hello. We have a small game hosting. There is a modification that launches bots on the server (it is located on our equipment), while from the same server (that is, the same IP of the server and incoming connections, bots). How can you limit this? With some rules. We will be glad to help.
    Ubuntu Anonymous, Mar 12, 2020

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    How in Ubuntu server (which has a game server) how to give access to the game console only?
    How to do this so that the user can connect via ssh directly to the game server control?
    Ubuntu Jase McGrath, May 29, 2020

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    How to iterate over all rows in a table in a migration?
    The bottom line is that in the migration you need to iterate over all the lines and change one field in each construction site. But I can't find something as they move in migrations to make such a massive update
    Yii Isabelle Morgan, Feb 13, 2019

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    The bot's voice does not work. (Musical bot) Why?
    There are no problems with some commands. The fact is that when I enter the name of the song, the bot finds it, everything is clear, and when it comes to me in the voice box, it can be seen by the green edging that some sounds are supposed to be uttered, but nothing like that is heard. Here's ...
    Node.js Eden McGrath, Aug 21, 2019

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    Sending commands to child_process?
    I have some code that starts a child process (server) via spawn () and sends data to the console: var cp = require('child_process');var child = cp.spawn('./server');child.stdout.on('data', function(data) { console.log(data.toString())}); The server is always running. I need to send a certain ...
    Node.js Everett Baxter, Nov 8, 2019

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    How to add a new View?
    Hello everyone, my question is more architectural, I have a console application that accepts data, processes it and outputs it to the console, but now I want to expand it and add a WebView, the logic is the same, but the display on the web, I want to implement it using Spring. How can I do this, ...
    Java Graham Lam, Jan 3, 2020

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    Hello everyone, I'm making an application in JavaFX and can't connect the library, what am I doing wrong?
    These are the dependencies I added to the pom Here is the application launch class import javafx.application.Application; import javafx.fxml.FXMLLoader; import javafx.scene.Parent; import javafx.scene.Scene; import javafx.stage.Stage; import; public class App extends ...
    Java Parker Sullivan, Nov 18, 2020